Summer Lovin'

Love Life and Lollipops- Summer Dresses 1

Organic dresses are perfect for the summer and our environment. It's finally Spring here in New York, but it already feels like Summer.  Much of this week was actually hot!

We decided to rock some dresses for the first time this season and it felt really good.

Avi's wearing an organic cotton dress from H&M (they have the cutest baby duds and a ton of it is sustainable and organic fabrics) and I'm wearing a vintage dress with a belt I snagged a few seasons ago at a superawesome little boutique called PinkyOtto in NYC's East Village (i.e. my old stomping grounds).

This vintage dress is airy and cute and totally recycled. Avi and me in our eco-friendly dresses. Organic dresses, vintage ones, and a kindle= perfect for summer. Vintage dresses and organic ones are better for our environment.

Have a fantabulous weekend everyone!

And, if anyone knows about any sustainable, organic, or recycled clothing lines with great summer dresses, please please let me know!  We could always use a few more in our closet;)