Sorry! Passover Got in the Way

Image courtesy of,r:3,s:16&biw=1220&bih=624 So I know it's been a little quiet around here and today's gonna be a little light too.  Sorry!  I've been cooking and familying like crazy this Passover holiday and doing my best to keep my eyes open through it all.

I'll post soon about all the goodies I've been cooking up (and some from Liza too), but meanwhile, here are some Passover posts from around the web:

Alicia Silverstone posted a fabulous post here which should shed some perspective and insight...

Also, Veg News has a good post on Vegan Seder here.

And here's a bit about compassionate Passover by PETA.

Oh and here's my matza brei recipe from last year.

Lastly, here's a recipe I read in a Food and Wine Magazine hanging around my parent's house (they're everywhere here) that looked amazing for whole grain matza and a creative horseradish.

Happy Passover everyone (or as we say: chag sameach;)).