Love Life and Lollipops

Sorry for all the silence around here.  Life's been a little crazy.  And since I spend most of my time and all of my down time nursing this baby in the rocking chair, I have little time in front of my computer:(  That said, I've been working my fat tush off testing recipes so as to have healthy stuff around the house (and I'm working on a secret project that I'll tell you all about soon I promise).  I also owe you an 8 week postpartum weight loss post which I will do soon, but here's a preview (no weight loss!  I'm baffled!  Tightening up though a bit and been exercising tving it like mad). Here are a few pics of the food I've been slaving over;)  Recipes to come: (and of course all the baked goods are vegan, unrefined, healthy fats, full of fiber, and some are even gluten-free!)