Some Things

Jonny Glamour Shots

Jonny Glamour Shots Today was another day.  Each day feels like another that went by.  I had strong moments and weak ones.  Ups and downs.

Here are some things...about me, Jonny, life:

  1. We got another dog.  We haven't told too many people because we don't want any judgement.  Don't judge us.  We love her already.  And needed some new life around here.  Something for Avi to voraciously love.  And she does.  She is sheer sweetness.  Her name is Ellie.
  2. I don't know if you knew this about Jonny, but he worked at the cafeteria at Dartmouth.  He certainly didn't need to.  But it was a good job for him.  My father-in-law wanted him to work.  I worked throughout college. It's good for you.  It was good for him.  He wore that hair net with modesty and integrity.  Always a smile.
  3. At kaddish tonight, there were a lot of people.  Lots of my in-laws' friends.  As we all gathered around to start the prayer, Bar picked up a picture of Jonny.  They are all over the house.  These silly glamour shot looking pictures from his senior year.  She held it up so the adults four times her height could see.  She had a huge grin on her face.  Standing there in the middle of some 25 adults she turned around and showed everyone.  Ending with my father-in-law.  "Do you know who that is?" he asked her.  Confidently she replied: "Das Jonny."  Everyone yesed her a bit.  Then she looked at my father-in-law again: "Jonny, he fall down.  Stairs."  A quick breath left the room.  Everyone was silent.