So funny.

( a reminder,  Eve is off on vacation - I've have been handed the blog for the week, hopefully I'll be as entertaining as she is. *bret*) On a regular basis, the conversations I have with Eve (often over text, but nonetheless) make me laugh out loud. literally. I can often be found giggling at my blackberry in public.

I'm not embarrassed. I'm lucky.

The truth is  it's so nice to have a running dialogue throughout the day with someone that shares your (admittedly) ridiculous sense of humor. I hope everyone has someone that entertains them the way Eve entertains me.

I thought I would share the most recent one.

Background:  I am working in Vegas on very little sleep and even less contact with the outside world.

About 3 hours before this, Eve mentioned she was pregnant as a post script to a request to mind the blog while she's in Cuba.

Me.       Um, Eve, can I ask you something?

Eve.      Sure.

Me.       Since you are going to have another baby, can I have Avital?

Eve.     Let me think about it.

Me.     Thanks, that's all I ask.

As you might imagine, I am still waiting to find out her decision on this matter.