Slowin It Down

Image courtesy of,r:1,s:0 Hi all,

In the interest of being ernest, I wanted to take this post to explain a little bit about what I've been feeling and why my posting has been a bit sporadic...

Let me start by saying that this blog and all of you readers really means so much to me.  It's enriched my life in so many ways and made me more insightful, analytical and interested.  It's been a forum for me to share the things I love and get amazing feedback.  I'm really loving everything about it.

That said, I'm a little overwhelmed.  I've put too much on my plate and things are falling through the cracks.  Between chasing a two year old, growing another, nutrition school homework, a jewelry business, my usual voracious reading regimen, wifeying, and trying to keep my house in order I hardly find time to do the resting I need to do to get through this pregnancy (let alone the yoga I've been saying I'm going to get back to one of these days).

In short, I think it's time for me to get realistic about what I can actually get done in a day and make some real time for much needed rest.  It's cut back time and even if it's against the grain for me, I'm going to do my best to do more of nothing (and by nothing I'm including yogaing and cooking of course).  I need this time to be more concentrated on family and the addition I'm growing!

So with that, I ask you to all bare with me while I slow it down and post a little less often and know I'll get back in the groove of things eventually:)

In the meantime, I'm going to enjoy this downtime, read more books for fun, cherish this time I have with just me and Avi around, do my best to nap in the afternoons, and be less crazy about a clean kitchen all the time!