Sleep oh how I miss thee...

Love Life and Lollipops- Nap Time with Baby Bar

So we're coming up on 4 weeks postpartum and the sleep deprivation is catching up to me.  I was superlucky to heal fast from the delivery and was on a real high for a couple weeks after Baby Bar's arrival.  I was feeling great and energetic and definitely doing too much trying to make up for the lack of attention that I was giving Avi by means of cooking dinners, playing with her around the apartment too hard, rushing out in the morning to walk her to school with Richie and the such.

Well, it's all caught up with me and hit me like a ton of bricks.  I'm staying calm and doing my best to slow down and do less, but those first few weeks have definitely taken their toll.  Now it's time for naps, reading in bed, baking cookies, and staying in more.  I'm not very good at doing any of those things when there is work to be done, thank you's to be written, dishes in the sink...

That said, I preach to my nutrition clients how important it is to get good sleep.  Dr. Andrew Weil, of whom I am a huge fan, wrote a whole book on the importance of healthy sleep habits.  When we sleep our bodies repair and our minds rejuvenate.  Our bodies are built to function well, but without the right input and output, we throw off our natural cycles.

Of course, when you're a parent of a young children, much of what you do for yourself is compromised by doing what is best for your child.  I chose to breastfeed, co-sleep, and attachment parent.  It makes it very difficult to do much self-care!

That said, I am sneaking in baths (filled with salts and essential oils), naps, and afternoon walks with the baby all to keep me sane and serene.