Sick as a Dog?

Sick in Bed

Why do people say that? Anyhow, I am.  Since the night before last I've been runny nosed, achy, cloudy, and sore throat-y.  It feels so horrible to be sick in this beautiful weather, but I ran myself down without taking a break for too many days straight and so here I am, laid up in bed:

And here's my regimen: Tea, tea, and more tea (green kombucha decaf of course), with some lemon when I can bare it, Gargling with warm salt water, Sambuca, and Herbal throat spray with echinacea, ginger, honey, and more good stuff (that doesn't taste so good, but...)

There is a bright side to all this though (there always is, right?!?).  We were planned to come up to my parents' house for 4th of July and my dad's birthday this weekend on friday, so I decided to hightail it out of BK with Avi and Sophie in tow yesterday morning and conned my sister into joining us out here later in the afternoon.  My family all pitched in and took care of Avital so I could rest AND my superawesome sister made me this superhealing and delicious dinner of miso veggie soup with butternut squash, onions, daikon, bok choi, and garlic along with a wild mushroom fried brown rice.  The whole thing was perfect and exactly what I needed!

Vegan cold remedies and foods are the best kind like this miso soup packed with veggies.

It's one of my favorite meals and is unbelievably warming, healing, and just the right amount of filling.  This is a version of the one I usually make (I'll post that one with a full recipe soon).  If you'd like the recipe for this one, shoot me a comment or email!

On another note: Happy 4th of July Weekend everyone!  I'm going to do my best to get better today so I can spend the weekend outside with my family!