Seaweed: Delicious, Healthy, Healing

Love Life and Lollipops- Wakame

image via By now, I'm sure you've all heard how healthy seaweed is.  It's high in B vitamins (which help us with energy, metabolism, healthy hair and skin, reproductive health, among other things), minerals, and antioxidants.  It is superlow in calories and high in nutrients.

So there's no question that you should have more of it in your diet, right?!?  That said, most people I talk to have no clue how to include it.  So I thought I'd include some of the ways seaweeds are part of my daily diet and regimen:

  1. Kombu- I pop 2-3" on kombu seaweed into the soaking water with my beans every time I make them regardless of the recipe.  When I drain the beans I take the kombu (now soft) and cut it up into little pieces and cook it together with the beans.  It helps the digestibility of the beans!
  2. Wakame- I use wakame in my miso soup.  In the pre-miso stage of cooking, I boil it in with the onions and other veggies.  It gives the soup a fabulous flavor and ups the healing quality exponentially.
  3. Nori- I sprinkle nori on top of my miso soup as a garnish, but we all also snack on it at home.  You can eat it plain and it's delicious.  It's pretty easy to find the roasted seaweed snacks around these days too. They're Avi's favorite (mine too).
  4. Kelp and Dulse- I have shakers of each of these that I use as condiments.  They're fabulous over some avocado toast;)

Ok, so time to get to it!  Include some seaweed into your diet today and feel good on the inside and outside too;)