Responsible Home

I feel like I'm in a constant struggle between style and responsibility when it comes to decorating my home.  In an ideal world, all the fabrics would be organic and the wood would all be reclaimed.  Unfortunately, in that ideal world, I'd also probably be selling my apartment because I'd have spent way over budget on the interiors! I do my best to be as clean and eco-conscious as much of the time as possible, but too often the pieces that are responsibly manufactured are way out of price range for fledging families like ours.

I spent a good amount of time looking for organic sheets for Avi's bed (we already have some for ours from The Company Store) and towels for our bathroom and was having a hard time finding exactly what I wanted in the right colors.

I wound up buying Avital some sheets from Amy Butler's collection for Bed Bath and Beyond that were perfectly bright and flowery for a little girls room and perfectly priced within our buget!

What do you think?:

I love that these sheets are bright and fun and organic!

And I found these awesome purple towels at Pottery Barn.  And they were on sale!  They have a whole Organic Bath section on their site!

These Pottery Barn towels are organic and high quality.

I feel like these were right under my nose.  Nonetheless, I'm so much happier to have stayed in a reasonable price range AND remained earth-friendly!