Reincarnate Your Leftovers and Save the World

Love Life and Lollipops- Vegan Eaten Burrito

A vegan burrito made from leftovers is a perfect vegan dinner. One of the best ways to cut back on your waste output is to reuse and recycle, right?!?  Eating leftovers, or reincarnating them, is a perfect and supereasy way to do that.  Cutting back on our waste and using everything we have to the fullest shrinks our carbon footprint one bit at a time.

It's unavoidable to walk away from a weekend at my parents' house without a shopping bag worth of food for the week.  Since we all love to cook, and cook together, the weekend turns into a bit of an overindulgence-fest and each meal a gourmet feast, hence: leftovers!

This past weekend consisted of so much cooking and baking and entertaining guests, so inevitably there was a plethora of food for Liza and I to split and tote home.

Richie and I were craving something super clean and healthy (though we obviously stick to our vegan diet while we're with family, we do tend to eat richer, less bright foods).  We took the guacamole, salsa, sprouts, and cabbage we were sent home with and piled them high on top of some organic tortillas along with some brown rice and chili beans I cooked up.  We rolled them up and had a fabulously satisfying and wholesome dinner!

This is my burrito before it's rolled packed with vegan goodies.

Vegan burritos rock!