Reading And It's Meaning

Love Life and Lollipops- The Virgin's Lover

So, basically, I've avoided writing about books I'm reading, read, or loved solely on the basis that they're not related to vegan life (unless they are like I did here and here). But I was thinking (as I often get caught up doing) that reading is a big part of who I am and it's what makes me more engaged and interesting and interested.  And so is veganism.  So maybe I should include some of those books that I love, that take me somewhere else, that make me deeper, fuller, better.

So...every once in a while, I'll post about books that I love.  So that maybe you'll love them too.  Because books are worth loving.

Here today are just a few of my past loves (not the classics, though I love many of those, but the ones which simply have great stories that have taken me out of my everyday life and transplanted me), just to get you started:

The Virgin's Lover, Philippa Gregory

I fell in love with this book (and the whole series for that matter).  It delves deep into the life of Queen Elizabeth I, her love affair, his wife, and all the drama that surrounded Tudor England.  It's capturing and encapsulating.  Read it in bed, on vacation, anywhere that you can truly get entrenched.

Mary, Mrs. A. Lincoln, Janis Cooke Newman

This book was both surprising and moving.  After reading the Tudor books I was enthralled by historical non-fiction and stumbled upon this gem.  Mary Todd Lincoln was a fantastically unique, energetic, and loving character in our country's history.  This book is more than worth a read, it is imperative to really knowing what goes on behind closed doors and truly learning something enchanting and valuable about our country's favorite president.  It sheds a brilliant new light on who Abraham Lincoln really was and I'm almost positive you'll love him even more after reading this novel!

Someone Knows My Name, Lawrence Hill

I read this book this past summer by recommendation of my friend Lauren (who always recommends fabulous novels for me) and had a tough time with it in the beginning.  It was a little dense and slow, but once I got over the bump, I couldn't put it down.  It tells the story of the slave trade through one woman's incredible story.  Lawrence Hill introduces us to Aminata Diallo and you can't help but feel her strength and resilience through her story.  This novel both throws you down and picks you up.  It speaks as much to the human spirit as it does to the evils that history has dealt us, but all-in-all, Aminata can teach us about living your life to it's fullest against all odds.  It's inspiration at it's best.

I'm really needing a distraction these days!  Any suggestions?!?