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Love Life and Lollipops- Bedside Table Books

Once Upon A Time...I prided myself on how much I read.  Both for educating myself and entertainment purposes.  I was voracious.  And it felt great.

As the years went by and the kids multiplied the time for reading dwindled and dwindled.  And I found that when I did snag a moment to settle in with a book or a paper my focus was hard to find.  With all the responsibilities piled upon my plate in so many different categories, my down time was needed for decompressing and unwinding, I was too foggy to concentrate.

That said, I do find time to get a decent amount of reading in, though it's not as much as I'd like.  Unfortunately I get more reading done for work (nutrition) than for play (I love me a good Jodi Picoult or Philippa Gregory).  And often friends or family send articles I want to read and they literally pile up.

So I figured, in the interest of sharing some info I've read, putting it out there for all you to send over things worth reading, and making a public effort to read more, continue learning, push myself further, here are a few things I've read, been meaning to read, wanted to share:

A Natural Guide to Pregnancy and Postpartum Health by Dean Raffelock is a smart and well written book about functional medicine and how it relates to the woman in her years of fertility.

Your Extra-Virgin Olive Oil is Fake- Crazy article about olive oil and the mafia. Worth Reading!

Ray Peat- My friend Kelly sent me this link. This guy promotes a high fruit and protein diet...curious...

Absolute Beauty by Pratima Raichur- I saw Pratima as my Ayurvedic doctor after I had bar to help balance my life and skin.  I've been using her products since along with some Ayurvedic herbs and I have to say they are amazing!  I can't wait to delve into this book and learn more.

That's it for now, though the pile of books I have by my bed to read is higher than I'd like to admit since I read slower than I'd like to admit these days.

I'm always happy to add on (one day I'll be able to dive into them).  Any suggestions?!?