Raw Foods for Summer

Love Life and Lollipops- "Burgers" and salad from One Lucky Duck

Yesterday I met my fabulous friend Shachar Scott for lunch.  We've been friends forever and after so many years, we still love so many of the same things.  I love that she has such a passion for health and food like I do.  It was my first meal at One Lucky Duck and it was beyond yummy!

One Lucky Duck is raw and vegan and totally delicious.  We had "burgers" and salads and then I forced her into sharing a sundae with me (it was unreal).  Everything was unbelievable.  I'd go so far as to say indulgent.

Summertime seems like the perfect time for raw foods.  When our bodies are a bit depleted from longer days, sweating more, being more active, we need those live enzymes to keep us energized.  Raw foods keep us cool, are easy to digest, alkalize our blood, give us direct energy (without asking our bodies to expend much to get it).

So why not try out a raw meal this week?  If there aren't any fabulous raw food restaurants in your area, try just incorporating more raw foods into your home meals.  Think salad, fruit, coconut water, coconut butter or oil, raw nut butters, raw cacao...