Provisions Sag Harbor

Love Life and Lollipops- Provisions Sag Harbor

Provisions is an amazing health food store and cafe. This past Saturday we decided to head out east for some fresh air and a relaxing couple days.  We left in the afternoon with Richie's brother, Bobbie, and his girlfriend Andi (who I love love).

The car ride out wasn't too bad and we made it out just before dark.  We ran out quickly to get some groceries and spent the night in with a fire blazing, vegging on the couch.  It was pretty perfect.

The next day I woke up craving Babette's for breakfast and already had my mind set on Provisions for lunch.  Unfortunately Babette's was on vacation, which only fueled my craving for lunch!

Provisions has been around for a long time (I think), but we just recently found it and it's totally rocked our beach time world!  If any of you are ever out on the east end of Long Island, you must must MUST try it.  It's a health food store with a cafe in the back and they are both totally fabulous!  We always hit it up on our way home for groceries and food fuel for the ride.  The east/west wrap literally makes my mouth water.  Ok now I want one, ha!  They also make vegan thumbprint cookies to die for (we brought home eight!).