Pregnancy Weight Loss: 2 Weeks Postpartum

Love Life and Lollipops- 2 Weeks Postpartum

In the midst of trying to get everything back on track, figuring out our new routine with my new boo, catching up on all the things that fell through the cracks while I was in the hospital, and whatnot, I did some thinking on all the things I want to write about. Honestly, I'm a list maker.  I've been for as long as I can remember.  Lists keep me organized, sane.  On my list of important things to work on is keeping a log of my postpartum days and months.  I want to actively participate in my weight loss this time around, making sure I'm doing it healthfully, responsibly, and consistently.

With Avital there were a lot of issues around my weight loss including her weight gain, my emotional/hormonal roller coster ride, and a lack of understanding about how to go about it the right way.  I was vegetarian then, but still eating dairy regularly and fish on occasion.  I also was just starting my journey to health and understood a lot less about my body and it's inner workings.

This time, I will absolutely apply all I've learned to make sure I get not only back to my skinny self, but hopefully a more healthful self.

Here's my plan (or at least my phase 1 plan...until I'm cleared to exercise, I can really only control my diet and calorie restriction and detoxification are a no-no for breast feeding moms):

  • Eat to my hunger without over eating.  It is a fine line and figuring out where your limit is is crucial to learning how to eat healthfully.
  • To incorporate greens in at least 1 meal/day ideally in 2.  I've been buying Satur Farms stir fry greens that are pre-washed and cut so it's super easy to throw some in a pan over some olive oil and garlic any time of day.
  • I'm eating brown rice in place of bread for as many meals/day as is possible.  Brown rice is superhealthy and cleansing, plus it keeps you fuller longer with all it's whole grain goodness.
  • I'm drinking tons of water.  It helps build my milk supply, flushes my system throughout the day, and keeps me hydrated, awake, and clear skinned.
  • I'm nursing baby Bar on demand.  Building my milk supply and nursing as often as possible both burns calories for me (apx. 500/day) and gives calories to her to grow big and strong!
  • I'm avoiding as much bread and flour as possible and whites (flour, sugar, you know the bad guys) entirely.  At home we're eating Food for Life's sprouted grain breads and english muffins.  I do eat whole grain breads out of the house, but try to choose real whole grains in their place when I can.
  • I'm also avoiding any processed foods aside from the very occasional splurge on a vegan treat like a chck'n sandwich or tofu dog, but it's rare...I'll generally chose a veggie or bean burger in it's place...or even a seitan burger or something like that...yum!  It's really only a once/week kinda treat.
  • I'm drinking lots of green tea, kukicha tea, and mother's milk tea as well along with fresh pressed fruit and veggie juices.
  • And I'm walking when I can.  Not overdoing it as I'm still healing, but getting in regular, daily exercise/movement where I can in chores around the house, walking Avi to school, that sorta thing.
  • When I can I'm taking baths.  I like my baths hot! and filled with sea salts, herbs, and oils.  It soothes my nerves, calms my mind, and relaxes my muscles.  Even a 15 minute soak transforms me into a new person entirely.
  • And lastly, I'm doing my best to nap.  I'm a horrible napper, but seeing as my night's sleep is compromised, when I can I get a bit in during the day.  Our bodies need sleep to repair, rejuvenate, and do it's work to keep our immune systems strong and our organs functioning properly.
So, in the spirit of full disclosure, I'll post for you guys my weight loss, pics as I lose (don't make fun of how jiggly I am!), and notes on how I'm feeling about the whole thing.
For today: my pic is above, ahhhhhh (yes I'm smiling and making the best out of my jiggly figure;))!  I'm feeling good about getting started, frustrated that I can't start exercising yet, and generally speaking happy and tired!
I'm loving being a mommy to a newborn again, not too concerned yet about losing quickly as it's still really early in the game, but excited to get started.  Meanwhile, I'm binding with my belly bandit every day (though I can't wear it to sleep cause it's too uncomfortable while co-sleeping) to minimize my swelling and control my bleeding (which is basically over already!).  I'm wearing my maternity jeans and feeling skinny in them;)
Oh and I almost forgot! here's my weight loss so far:
10/15- still pregnant- 158lbs (yup! 40 lbs yielded a 6.8lb baby!!!)
10/19- 4 days postpartum- 148.6lbs
10/20- 5 days postpartum- 145.6lbs
10/21- 6 days postpartum- 144.2lbs
10/26- 1wk 4days postpartum- 141.4lbs
10/29- 2 weeks postpartum- still exactly 141.4
(generally I won't weigh myself so often, but I was really curious how much weight comes off early with the swelling and I've definitely gained some lbs in boob weight! ha!)