Pregnancy Week 7 (Round 3)

Love Life and Lollipops- Pregnancy Week 7
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  • This is about the time in the two last pregnancies that I miscarried.
  • I learned that the point at which your body actually expels the pregnancy is not the point at which it first becomes not viable.  It was most likely 2-4 weeks before that.
  • In retrospect, those pregnancies were much much more mild than this one.
  • Which makes sense since the hormones subsided after about 4 weeks of pregnancy....
  • On another note: Hello nausea
  • Risa says protein wards off nausea (not saltines).
  • So I'm snacking on nuts like crazy, putting cashew nut butter on everything!, and craving tofu
  • Also acne.  Pregnancy has hit me on the face.  Specifically on the forehead.  Fun stuff.
  • Water.  Need to drink more water.  8-10 glasses a day.  I literally spend all day drinking water or thinking about how I should be drining more.
  • I just want to be horizontal.  Need to lie down all day.  Then I finally get the chance to lie down and it takes 10 minutes to actually get comfortable with the pillows and whatnot.  Then once I'm comfortable, guess what, I need to pee!  My life.
  • My jeans are tight.  Yes, already, for a week now.  I'm dumbfounded.
  • Getting through the days. Happy to be pregnant. Keep telling myself the first trimester will pass!