Pregnancy Week 6

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  • I literally wake up tired.
  • Oh and I burp upon waking up!  What is that?!?
  • My gas is out of control.  I'm burping like a madwoman and what I don't burp up is getting caught between my ribs and it don't feel good!
  • By 10:30a I'm sitting in dance class with Avi and yawning my way through it.
  • Also my hunger is insatiable.  I literally can't eat enough.  I never feel full.  It's kinda scary.
  • Then I need to lie down.  And I close my eyes and try to cat nap cause I can't keep my eyes open.  But the hunger is nagging.  Literally my stomach feels like an empty pit.  I've never felt anything like this.
  • So then I have to get up and cruise the kitchen.
  • Then I eat.
  • Then I lay back down.
  • But my food isn't settled.
  • Why? Because digestion seriously slows in pregnancy so that your body can absorb the utmost amount of nutrients.  Brilliance or torture device?!?
  • Yay I'm pregnant;)