Pregnancy Week 5, 4, oh and 10

Love Life and Lollipops- I'm Pregnant (again)

Ok, seeing as it's friday and I've pregnancy posted all week, I'm going to shove all the rest of the weeks I was gonna cover into one post so we can get back to vegan stuff Monday.

Week 4:

  • Pee stick= positive
  • After the last miscarriage, Risa ran a bunch of blood tests and found out that I have a genetic blood disorder called MTHFR.  Basically it messes with my b vitamin absorption causing a deficiency which is very problematic for pregnancy.  B vitamins are responsible for fetal brain development among other things.
  • Short end- I got lucky with Avi.
  • Good news, with extra B vitamin supplements and a baby aspirin daily, I should be taking care of the issue!
  • Believe it or not, this early in the pregnancy I was experiencing minor nausea, dizziness, and crazy dreams (I dreamt seriously with Avi too, but never really before or after...Risa says it's unrelated, but I don't know...bugs me out a bit.)

Week 5:

  • I literally have to pee every half hour or so.  It's crazy!
  • And then I have to eat.
  • My hunger is insatiable.
  • Commercials make me hungry.  For things I would NEVER eat!
  • Oh and I have a crazy case of the stupids.  It's incredible how foggy you can become the second you get pregnant.  It's like words and ideas and memories just fly out of your head and you're left thinking hard getting nowhere.  Richie is constantly laughing at me under his breath.  Can't blame it.  I'm ridiculous these days.

Week 10:

  • Today I'm 10 weeks pregnant!
  • Dying for my nuchal translucency in 2 weeks.  I feel like if that goes well, my nerves will finally get a break!

We're off to Woodstock, NY to visit some friends and do some exploring this weekend and I'm so so excited.  There is so much local and organic food stuff to explore.  I'll update you all after the weekend.  Do any of you have any fabulous plans or recommendations for future staycations?