Pregnancy Week 26

Love Life and Lollipops- Pregnancy Week 26
  • All week I kinda felt like this picture above.  It's Richie insisting on taking a picture of me at 10p after a long day with guests at the dinner table claiming that he just at that moment realized that he hasn't taken enough pictures of me through this pregnancy.
  • Yup.  He's seriously getting on my nerves the past few days...  Guess that's the lay of the land at this point.
  • Other than that, I'm feeling huge and wondering how I'm going to get through the next 3 MONTHS! Ahhhhhhh!
  • It was an otherwise busy week.  My cousin was here from Israel which made me super happy despite my moods.  I had too many appointments to get the chance to sit down and rest enough.  We were out for dinner every night other than last night when I thought it'd be a good idea to cook for 7.  Well it turned out to be sick since Richie decided not to make it home for dinner...
  • On a positive note: the baby is a hothouse cucumber this week weighing in at apx. 1.75lbs and 14"!
  • Her lungs and brain are much more developed:)
  • And she can detect light and sound outside of the womb.
  • And I totally believe that cause 3  nights this week I woke up to pee and got back in bed, made myself comfortable with the 4 pillows I need to prop myself, settled into my spot, when she decided to start kicking.  And not those cute little: "oh it's so nice to feel my baby moving" kicks, but the ones that pop your belly off the mattress they are so hard you can't believe this is your life at 3:30a.  Fun stuff!
  • K, enough complaining for this week.  I'll sign off;)