Pregnancy Week 20

Love Life and Lollipops- It's A Girl!!!
  • It's a GIRL!!!  I was totally convinced it was a boy!  I was literally shocked.  I had gone from wanting a girl to getting ready for a boy to being told it was a girl.  Craziness circling around my head.  In the end, it's healthy, happy (waving at us during the scan), and all her parts are in the right places and sizes.
  • Avi is superduperpsyched.  So are we.
  • This week I felt tons of movement and kicks (not to mention the most painful ever trapped gas...I swear it just gets stuck in that huge belly and does't wanna give me a break).
  • I've gained a total of: 18 LBS!!!  Risa says it's perfect.  I'll take that I guess.
  • The ultrasonographer told us she's 10oz (not sure where the rest of the 17 lbs are coming from, but...) and about 8 inches long.
  • This week her skin'll become covered in that white waxy stuff you see when they come out all gooey and awkwardly chalky, like wet chalky, called vernix to protect her skin.
  • So weird to call her a her.  Up until a few hours ago she was an it.  Ha!

(A tiny little arm)