Pregnancy Week 19

20110526-105418.jpgI puked twice this week! Apparently I'm not done with all that... When I was pregnant with Avi I puked everyday for 7 months! Other than that, Avi got sick:( So I got 0.0 hours of rest in. Bad for the back! Craving watermelon hard core. Oh and vegan pie...something fruity. Think I'll make my blueberry bars to curb that craving. Or maybe I'll spend too much money at Champs Vegan Bakery... The baby is 8.5oz, 6 in head to bottom, and about the size of an heirloom tomato (yum!). And, nagging at me: next week is our anatomy scan!!! We find out if the baby is in tact and whatnot AND if this belly houses a little boy or girl Kessner!