Pregnancy Week 15

Love Life and Lollipops- Pregnancy Week 15

  • So even though I'm technically now in my second trimester, the energy is far from flowing!  I'm still tired all the time.
  • But my nausea is totally gone (except for a serious susceptibility to car sickness).
  • And I'm growing like crazy. At this rate this baby is going to be 25lbs!
  • McClure's Brooklyn pickles are UH-mazing!  So is their bloody mary mix (sans vodka of course) and packed with enzymes, probiotics, and electrolytes.  I'm totally that pregnant lady craving pickles.
  • This Roasted Tomato Soup I made is calling my name...maybe I'll cook some up this weekend...
  • I'm way too foggy this week to have done my homework for IIN, so I'll have to get to business this weekend on Ayurvedic healing and diet.
  • Gonna try to find a prenatal yoga out east this weekend (we're heading out to the beach for some fresh air and farm fresh food).
  • Apparently the baby is around 4" long and is forming taste buds!
  • Also, theoretically, if I had an ultrasounds this week, they'd possibly be able to tell if it were a boy or girl...