Pregnancy Week 13

Love Life and Lollipops- Pregnancy Week 13
Nuchal Translucency scanNuchal Sonogram- Feet
  • So...the nuchal went really well and the bloodwork (it's a two part test) also came back all good.  What they're looking for at the nuchal scan is the skin behind the baby's head.  Depending on the thickness they determine the risk of the baby having downs syndrome.  Our baby's measurement was 1.3 and you're looking for it to be a 3 or below.  It was a huge relief, but I didn't feel totally comfortable until I got the bloodwork back on Wednesday.  It's a funny feeling getting good news after to much bad.  Kinda like I'm expecting bad news all the time and constantly preparing myself for it.  It's a strange thing because I'm having trouble getting outwardly positive about all this, but I know this pregnancy is a healthy one and this baby is a fighter:)
  • This week was a little tough adjusting to the weather here in Florida.  The irony is that all I wanted was some heat and sun, but it's not effecting me all that well.  I've been a bit more dizzy and short of breath, but I'm loving all the swimming and sun nonetheless.
  • Doing my best to up my protein and water consumption to balance out.  Once I actively started eating more I started to feel better.
  • Meanwhile, this week the baby is officially fully developed!
  • Apparently the baby's the size of a peach and 1.5 oz.  But that doesn't speak for the 10 lbs I've gained and all that belly I've grown!
  • If she's a girl she's already developed some 2 million eggs inside her ovaries.
  • The baby can open and close hands, flex arms, feet, fingers, toes...and the beginnings of teeth are forming!