Pregnancy Week 12

Love Life and Lollipop- Belly 12 Weeks

  • So there it is: The First Belly Shot!
  • Seriously, it looks even bigger looking down at it.
  • I have my nuchal translucency today.  Nervous as hell.  Thinking good thoughts.
  • I got sick this week!  Caught whatever Avi had last week.  Stuffy nose, congestion, drowsiness, sore throat, the whole shabang.
  • The worst part about being sick when you're pregnant is that you can't take any medications.  No decongestants=torture.
  • Plus Risa says no mint/menthol and no to most herbs, so no herbal otc remedies either.
  • I'm working with a humidifier, hot lemonade with honey, some chest rub, and tons of showers.  Read: not much.
  • On the bright side, the cold distracted me from too much anxiety!
  • It also staved off a lot of the hunger.
  • Oh and, the baby: can open and close fingers and toes, makes sucking movements with his/her mouth, and totally responds to pressure on my belly by squirming along with other natural reflexes.  Cool, huh?