Pregnancy Products (Paraben-free and Organic of course)

Burts Bees Leg Creme

I've been meaning to post this for a while, but I'm not doing such a good job at juggling these days!  So, here goes: I like to think of myself as a relatively (yes I said relatively) low maintenance kinda girl.  I don't brush my hair (serious), let alone dry or style, I dress pretty quickly, am not too picky in general, and like to keep the products to a minimum.  Simple is better in my book.  That said, when I'm pregnant, I feel like I need things.  Things I would otherwise not mind not having, tend to put me in meltdown mode if I need to go without these days.  I seem to need a cream or a something for every little ailment, discomfort, whathaveyou.

Here's a list of things I can't live without these days: