Pregnancy 36 Weeks

Love Life and Lollipops- Pregnancy 36 Weeks

  • Sooo...big news! At our prenatal this week Risa told us that I am 1/2cm dilated, 80% effaced, and at a -1 station.  My cervix is softening and totally getting ready for this little girl to join us.  I'm totally psyched and beyond ready!
  • Other than that, same old symptoms.
  • Except for the back pain I've been graced with every once in a while.  Feels sharp, kinda like she's leaning an elbow in between my vertebrae.
  • Braxton hicksing like crazy.
  • And the sleep thing has been tough.
  • Beyond me needing to constantly pee (which I'm so tired I can ignore and sleep through lots of the time) and it taking a buttload of energy to heave my humungoid belly from one side to the other when I need to flip sides I'm sleeping on, Avi's been waking up congested in the middle of the night a couple times from allergies.
  • Can't catch a break!
  • Either way, I'm psyched to be progressing, looking forward to all the vegan pie I ordered for Rosh Hashana (pumpkin and apple of course) , and am hoping that'll be the last of the baby weight I put on as opposed to take off;)
  • As for the baby, she's 18.5", about 6lbs, and a crenshaw melon.
  • Oh and every night, when I'm in my pj's (which never fit all the way over my belly anymore), and washing up or whatnot and Richie catches a side glance at me at the sink, he gets a good laugh.  My belly's hanging so damn low it looks like it's gonna fall right off.  At least someone's getting a smile out of it;)