Pregnancy 34 Weeks

Love Life and Lollipops- Pregnancy 34 Weeks
  • See how I'm holding up my belly in the pic above???  Well I feel like I need to do that all day long.  Hold it up that is.  It's damn heavy!  31lbs total weight gain according to my lovely bathroom scale this morning:)
  • Also, baby has dropped!  I've been carrying low (I did with Avi too), but this baby's superlow craziness.
  • I'm ready.  Superready!
  • Well except for the fact that I still haven't built her dresser we bought from Ikea, picked up the crib we purchased (or any of the accessories for it: mattress, sheets, etc), finished washing her clothing (what was once Avi's), the list goes on.
  • Sleeping is a struggle.  A struggle between being dead tired, needing to pee every 35 minutes, and getting sore from sleeping always on my left side too long, then having to flip to let the blood flow to the other side of my body, but not staying on my right side too long cause I can't breathe as well on that side...oh man!
  • Avi's officially started school.  She's in two different programs to total 4 days per week.  It's awesome and she is loving it, but the transition schedule is killing me!  By the time I drop her off and leave I have to turn around and pick her back up.  On top of the fact that I have to wake her up way earlier than she otherwise would to get her there on time and she's home around the time she would have otherwise slept til.  Ugh!
  • What else?...My bladder is crushed, my veins remain scary, my legs are tired, oh and I can barely keep my eyes open, ha!
  • The baby is 18" long and just about 5lbs, an average cantaloup.  Her finger nails probably need a trim (Avi'll be psyched about a mani at the hospital) and her immune system is developing.  Her lungs are just about ready to do the job on there own.  We're in the home stretch people!!!