Pregnancy 33 Weeks

Love Life and Lollipops- Pregnancy 33 Weeks

Hi guys,

This week has been bonkers!  Between recovering from Irene craziness, spending time w a friend from out of town, a prenatal, and preparing for my sister's wedding, I'm not sure how we made it to Friday.  Nonetheless, here's a bit of an update:

  • I had a prenatal massage with Nicolette Lattanzio this week that was amazing and I've already booked another for the week after next.  She did a lot of work on my superlow back area (which has been paining me to say the least) and some work on my shoulders (a constant point of agony for me).  She rocks!
  • I had a prenatal appointment with midwife auntie Risa (Klein) and the baby is a okay with a strong heartbeat, head down, and the belly is measuring exactly 33cm (right on schedule).
  • I'm superdupertired this week.  Between the weight and the hormones I sleep til 9 some days (I'm superlucky that Avi is an amazing sleeper and Richie is an awesome dad and hubs).  That said, I totally wake up tired:(
  • Scary veins are still scary.
  • This baby does this thing where she pushes her butt out.  It's kinda crazy.  You can see like a bulbous butt in the top right quadrant of my belly poking out at points (also it doesn't feel so comfy).  I guess she's gonna be a little man eater like Avi (who totally already has a husband, Ike, and a boyfriend, JJ).  You could do it put your back into that how it goes;)
  • This week the baby is 17", 4.25 lbs, and a pineapple.