Pregnancy 32 Weeks: That's 8 Months People and I've Still got 8 Weeks To Go!


Check out how Hipsta I am at 8mo:

Hi everyone. Sorry I didn't post earlier, we've been in the midst of Irene craziness! We were evacuated from our building so spent most of yesterday taping windows and the such. We're lucky to have a bunch of family close to come to, so we packed up the car with food, clothes, Sophie (our Shih Tzu), and tons of other essentials and hit the road for Richie's parent's house in Westchester. On the baby front, my body is cooked! All the running and packing and moving has pooped me out hard core. My back has been acting up, the baby's pulling in the opposite direction and it's taking it's toll. Plus she kicks like a madwoman! We've got a soccer player joke somewhere in play here for sure. Avi's totally losing it this week between camp being over, school not starting yet, all the rain keeping us inside, and my low energy levels! I did have another acupuncture session this week with my man Ben Craig who totally rocks and does some supercool reiki on my back and this baby! She totally loves it for sure. Next week I'm getting a prenatal massage which I'm uberpsyched for in preparation for the madness that will be my sister's wedding at my parent's house next weekend. Oh and...the baby is 17", 4 lbs, and a jicama this week. And she has all of her toenails! A little more Hipsta belly for ya:

Please stay safe everyone!

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