Pregnancy 30 Weeks!

Love Life and Lollipops- Pregnancy 30 Weeks!
  • Sorry everyone for the silent pause this week.  It was certainly not as zen as that sounds.  I spent the majority of the week trying my best to keep my head on straight.  Too much running, mommying, working, all good things though.  I can't help but feel though that as I intend on slowing down the world throws more at me...
  • On the upside, I'm so dead tired at the end of the day, I'm sleeping through the night in a superdeep sleep!
  • That said, I'm blessed to have such exciting and new experiences on my plate these days:)
  • I started wearing some crazy looking compression stocking this week and feel like a gross old grandma, but let me tell you, THEY TOTALLY WORK!
  • I've been on a pineapple and celery juice kick.  My friend Elle taught me that combo and it's saved me on some of these crazy long days I've been having.  Yes that's one in my hand pictured above.  And the face, read: holy sh*t is this a scary angle or what?!?
  • Baby's kicking like her life depends on it.
  • Apparently she's 15.7" now and about 3lbs (yes only 3 out of the 26 I've gained) like a head of cabbage, my fave!
  • Apparently the crazy fluttering I'm feeling (between kicks and punches) is her hiccuping.  Wild!
  • I've got a ton to post on: acupuncture, a class at the Natural Gourmet Institute we took, a superyummy pesto and brown rice meal I made the other day...I promise to get to it all asap!