Pregnancy 29 Weeks

Love Life and Lollipops- Pregnancy 29 Weeks

  • Last night this baby seriously kicked me so hard for so long I couldn't sleep.  Richie may have thought I was being dramatic until I made him rub my belly to try and calm this crazy baby and he was like: "Woah! I've never felt anything like that.  That must feel insane inside you!".  Well insane is the least of it.
  • Otherwise, I bought myself a pair of Sketchers shape-ups for walking and have been trying to shape-up this pregnant tush all over town.  I think the extra exercise and fresh air has been helping me get through the days.
  • That said, I need to elevate my feet for at least an hour or two at the end of every day (and any other time I can get some sitting time in.
  • This week the baby is a butternut squash and 2.5 lbs.  She's about 15.25in long (with some seriously strong and long legs).
  • Apparently her eyes are blinking, head is growing, and bones are hardening increasing the need for calcium, vitamin c, protein, folic acid, and dha/epa's for bone and brain development.
  • I'll keep up with my supplementation as is for the time being, but I'm going to up my dha/epa's this trimester.  It'll not only help brain stuff for the baby (and me), but it'll also keep inflammation to a low as my joints loosen and the weight of this belly bears down on my little frame.