Pregnancy 25 Weeks

Love Life and Lollipops- Pregnancy 25 Weeks

  • This week was a lot like last week in terms of my body and how it feels (or shall I say how cumbersome it's getting?).
  • Avi started camp which meant a lot of running around for me, but a bit more free time. It was nice and funny feeling at the same time. I wouldn't say bittersweet per se, because it was definitely more sweet than anything else, but it did feel a little strange being home in the am alone with Richie that first morning. It was so quiet, and he went to the gym, and I watched CNN, and we had bagels together, and it was kinda amazing.
  • But what's more amazing is how well she did. The teachers all said how they couldn't believe it was her first drop off situation because she transitioned so well. I was totally happy and just a tinge too proud.
  • Baby's kickin like crazy.
  • Apparently she's about 13.5", 1.5lbs, approximately a rutabaga. If you don't know what a rutabaga is, look it up and then buy one late this fall (when they're in season), then roast it with some winter squash. You'll thank me;)
  • The baby's filling out and getting some fat on her skinny bones they say, but if she's anything like Avi, she'll be a skinny mini.
  • Oh and last, but not least, the veins on my legs are getting a little scary. They're not varicose, but there are clumps of spider veins (aside from the ones that hang out on their own). Pray for me they disappear post pregnancy!