Pregnancy 17 Weeks

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  • So I've definitely felt the baby kicking.  A bunch of times.  Risa tells me that it's physiologically impossible that I've felt kicks yet though.  Apparently it's just gas.  I'm telling you though, feels a lot like a moving baby!
  • Apparently the baby is the size of an onion now.  5.1 inches.  I love how my baby's gone from a blueberry to a lime to an avocado to an onion.  Very relatable to a vegan I guess.  I often tell Avi how delicious she is.  I guess this one'll be delicious too seeing as I love my veggies.
  • I'm totally a full on pregnant person at this point.  I find myself waddling by 2/3p every day.  Then I catch myself and I'm like: this is just ridiculous.  Waddling at 17 weeks!  It happens though...every day!
  • Still really tired.  All day long.  Still waiting for that second trimester energy boost everyone keeps promising...
  • On the bright side the warm weather makes everything feel a little sunnier.  It didn't really phase me to badly when my babysitter decided not to show up all week or answer any of my calls or text messages.  Avi and I had a blast (even though my lower back seriously paid for it).
  • Oh and on Wednesday I had a prenatal appointment.  Avi and I heard the heartbeat and she decided definitively it's a girl.
  • Oh and on another note: Avi started potty training this week!  All the more craziness in my life:)

Dr. Avi had a blast at my last prenatal appointment.