Postpartum Update: 8 Months and finally back down to size

Love Life and Lollipops- 8 Months Postpartum

Sooooo...I stepped on the scale this morning and I've finally reached my goal!  (Well at least my first goal, of course since I've set more;)).  I'm at 120lbs which was my pre-pregnancy weight (at the height of it's fluctuating).  I was psyched (and shocked).  Last round it took me a full year.  This round I've been kicking my butt.  Yogaing.  Soul Cycling.  Eating clean.  Green tea.  Tons of greens.  Apple Cider vinegar 3x/day.

Did you say apple cider vinegar?  Yup!  Apple cider vinegar.  It is cleansing, invigorating, detoxifying, energizing.  I love it and the effect it's had on my energy and digestion and and...  But that's for a whole nother post, the benefits of apple cider vinegar in your day.  For now, I thought I'd go over what I've been doing, eating, whatnot, in my day since I've been getting a bunch of questions and emails about it.

Wake up: drink a full glass of water

Wash up then: an apx. tablespoon of organic apple cider vinegar and a glass of water with the juice of 1 lemon

Around 9/9:30a: green juice (when I can fit it into my day that is)

10:30aish: breakfast- oatmeal with cashew butter or sprouted toast with avocado or leftover brown rice and miso or tofu and cold green tea

11:30a: another tblsp apple cider vinegar

2pish: lunch- brown rice with veggies and tofu or vegan soup or macro bowl or hummus and veggies and cold green tea

4pish: third dose of apple cider vinegar and asnack if i need it- raw macaroon, hummus and carrots, fruit

6:30/7p: dinner- vegan soup and brown rice or whole grain couscous and roasted veggies or veggie pad thai or brown rice veggie sushi or rice and beans

8:30pish (after baby bedtime): green tea with peppermint

9:30p (if I'm hungry still): a bowl of cereal with fresh nut mylk, apple with cashew butter, raw macaroon (I'm really into these as of recently)

I also am Soul Cycling 2-3x/week and loving it.  Doing yoga at least once per week.  And running (interval training) in between when I can.

I've (for the first time in my life) become addicted to the sweaty workout thing!  It makes it easier for me to consistently eat clean.  And I'm finally getting some sleep.  Once again, life is good;)