Phishy Phishy Philly

Love Life and Lollipops- Us

So...last night I went to my first (and most likely last) Phish concert.  Richie was a big fan in high school and still is.  I have never been into or interested in the music or the scene that follows, but agreed to go with an open mind. So we drove to Philly (I've never been) for a concert and a fun weekend with our friends Benoit and Maddy.  Though I'm not going to return to another Phish event, I'm not sure how I feel about the scene.  There's definitely a vibe of love and free spirit, but it's not anything I can relate to.  While love and free spirit are both admirable attributes, it seems to be accompanied with a strange cult-like atmosphere.

Nonetheless, here are some pictures from the evening.  Hopefully they inspire a little openmindedness in you!

Here I am with my buddies:

Phish concerts are filled with vegetarians and vegans!

Here are some people with a free sense of style (kinda love it):

Here Mad and I are with a weird guy behind us:

Mad and I are two veggies at a hippie-fest.

Other cools things about Phish Concerts: Recycling everywhere:

I loved that there was recycling throughout the concert venue.

Bathroom Signage:

And because it was one hundred million degrees in there:

Anyhow, vegans and Phish-heads alike are all about the love, so let's all try to let it into our hearts and spread it around a bit.

Happy friday everyone!