Passover in Park Slope

Love Life and Lollipops- Trois Pommes Matzah

Homemade vegan matza! So we’re starting to settle in to our new apartment and neighborhood and the more I’m here, the more I love it here!

Saturday night my parents came in to see the apartment and have some dinner.  We were entirely overwhelmed by the bajillion boxes in our apartment screaming at us to be unpacked and by the fact that I’d been battling a stomach bug of sorts all weekend.  We headed out to find some Japanese food, figuring I could get some brothy, veggie, healing warmth in me at any ‘ol Japanese joint and on the way passed the uber cutest little bakery called Trois Pommes Patisserie.  It’s definitely not vegan, but seemingly had a few goodies on the menu I could indulge in (post stomach flu that is) and a whole assortment of fresh sorbets, which looked divine.

What actually drew me in at that late hour post dinner, sick as I was, was the sign out front which said: homemade matzas.  I was obviously intrigued, so went in to inquire about an order for the holidays.  They looked so yummy, kind of thick and bready (or as bready as a Passover matza could be) and fresh baked with large kosher salt flakes on top.  The girl behind the counter was super nice and explained that it was vegan except for the butter brushed on at the end, but to call the next day to talk to the owner about a special batch.

Of course I did and Emily Isaac (the owner) was really sweet and told me that in fact there was no butter, just olive oil brushed on!  I went in this morning a bought a whole bunch to bring to my family’s Seder and enough for everyone to bring a bit home.  She even offered to bake me some vegan macaroons, so of course I ordered a bunch!  I’ll definitely be checking back to Trois Pommes for other goodies throughout the year!