Passover at Bubs'

Love Life and Lollipops- Avi in her Kippah

Ok, so I know Love Life and Lollipops has been on Passover overload, but…it’s Passover! And though it’s a few days late, I wanted to share some pictures from our Seder at my Bubby’s house.  I love being with family and Bubby really makes it such a special night.  She even made Richie, my sister Liza, and I vegan Passover dinner!  She cooked us her superamazing cabbage soup and some meatless meat loaf.

Thanks Bub.  I love you!

It's easy to be vegan on Passover.

This is a veganized version of the old-school cabbage soup that graced so many Jewish Holiday tables.

Vegan meatloaf! Do I have the most amazing Bubby or what?!?