Our Trip to Jamaica

Love Life and Lollipops- Rum Soaked Toast!

This past trip was Our First Family Vacation without extended family and it was amazing!  We ate well, slept well (although Richie likes to get up bright and early and the rest of us with him), drank some, and swam a lot.  It was just the right medicine to cure the serious chills we were experiencing here in blistery Brooklyn. We love going to Jamaica because the Rasta culture is vegetarian, so it's always easy (and most often deliciously filled with curries and rice and bean mixtures) for us to eat there!

Here are some pics from the trip:

This Jamaican special, rum soaked toast, was a seriously strong breakfast and totally vegan!

Jamaican Vegan Veggie Curry

Avi and I Right Before a Naptime

Reading on the beach= my meditation

Checking out the beach.