Old and New Memories


Avital Today I put make up on for the first time in weeks.  I have had no interest in how I looked or how put together I seemed.

Today is different.  It is Avital's first day of kindergarten.  I'm so excited for her (she is a kid who does well with structure...staying home all day is not her forte).  I'm also finding it really difficult to be excited.

With all new memories, it's impossible to recall the old.  Almost everything makes me thing of Jonny or how the situation would relate to him.  Everything is a reminder of what he won't be here to participate in.  How it may have been different if he were here.

But nonetheless, we have to live our lives, try to feel his spirit with us, and I believe it is.  We need to celebrate the things worth celebrating.

Today is Avital's first day of kindergarten!  It is a milestone in her little life.  Today is about her.  And Jonny would want it that way...