New York Times Article: Williamsburg, Toddlertown

Here's the New York Times article that we were featured in! Good morning everyone!

We're still in Jamaica, leaving later this afternoon.  I'm going to squeeze some tropical fruit and a swim in the ocean in before we have to head to the airport.

Meanwhile I wanted to share with you the article that came out yesterday in the Times yesterday.

We were really excited to be included and had the opportunity to meet Jim Rendon (the writer) and Robert Caplin (the photographer) who were both extremely nice and pleasant to work with.

We're really pleased with the article (as you never really know how these things will turn out when you open your home) and have received some awesome blasts from the past from old friends who read it.  And some new opportunities have fallen into our mailboxes as well!

Basically, it's just more proof that Williamsburg is the place for us, with great energy, exciting new horizons, and tons of kids for Avi to befriend.

Here's an image from the New York Times, Williamsburg, Toddlertown article.