Neti Pot and Sinus Health

Baraka is an eco-friendly company that makes products for sinus health. Recently I had a consultation with a new doctor.  I was looking for a functional medicine doctor as I've been feeling like I've been sick too many times this year and am just feeling a bit off.  The practice of functional medicine uses many many lab tests to analyze your nutrient levels, hormone levels, and much much more taking into consideration a more detailed view of your health.  Functional medicine is based on the theory that you are not necessarily sick or healthy at any point, but can fluctuate between (much like Traditional Chinese Medicine), but incorporates modern science to pinpoint why you are not functioning optimally.

I learned a lot by visiting Dr. Stephen Dahmer and though I thought I had a good idea of what I should be doing from all the reading I've been doing (and the consulting with my brilliant friend Kelly Brogan, another functional medicine practitioner), I picked up a few new tricks to add to my daily repertoire.

In aiming to support my immune system, he suggested I rinse with a neti pot daily and use a small amount of sesame oil inside my nose to help keep it good and moist in there during this superdry season.

Both feel great and I'm so so glad I've gotten into the habit of incorporating them into my nighttime routine!

I found a beautiful neti pot in my favorite health food store I wanted to share with you and urge you all to try it!  I've done it before during colds, but it'll surprise you how much more congested you are than you thing after having flushed it all out of there!

The neti pot and salts I bought were from a company called Baraka.  It is lead free and fired with food grade ceramic glaze.  The company is earth-friendly in their practices and you can read about all their recycling and eco-friendly ways here.