Movin on up!

Love Life and Lollipops- Challah Baking at my parents

Been a crazy 2 months.  Homeless, moving from my parents to a hotel, and finally to a house.  Our house!  Today actually.  And it feels so good to be home!  Even if I'm not familiar with this one.  Even if I have four hundred million boxes to unpack.  Even if I'm so tired I can barely see the screen as I write this.  It's good to be writing it from my own bed!  (Even if it is only a mattress on the floor right now.) Here are some pics of our adventures:

(Challah baking for Shabbat at mu parents after Avi's last day of school in Brooklyn.)

(Channukah with Liza and my Parents.)

(Vegan S'more making with Savta.)

(Train ride into the city for Bobby's (brother-in-law) 30th birthday.)

(Violet is Avi's doppelganger and best friend.  It was her 4th birthday.)


(More training to and from the city with Mommy.)

(I bullied Kel into her first Soul Cycle ride.  Was epic.)

(Nutcracker with Savta and Liza.)

(Annual Christmas Eve chinese food feast.)

(Bullied my mom into coming to Soul.  She loved it!)

(Man of the House.  HOUSE!!!)

With a move and new house there are so so many things to think about.  Aside from the obvious, there are so many decisions to make such as alarm systems, pool gates, home insurance.  Owning a house is;), but making the right decisions is really important and also overwhelming!