miYim Organic Baby Toys

miYim organic toys My sister-in-law is about to have twins supersoon and it got me thinking about what to bring to the hospital for them when they're born.  We've already bought her some necessity type things for the shower, so I thought a little something cute would be nice for when they arrive.

miYim is an earth-friendly company that makes baby toys that are organic, chemical-free, and totally safe.  Their toys are simple and fun intending to inspire imagination play.  Avi had a ton of them when she was a baby.  They make great gifts!

I love bringing something totally pure as a gift for a newborn.  It makes me feel that maybe if we can influence this next generation from day one to live sustainably and responsibly, we can move into a brighter future:)

Here are some favorites:

Chicken Rattle miYim Fairytale Plush HippoOrganic Good Earth FairyOrganic Strawberry Stroller Toy