Matt & Nat

Matt and Nat makes amazingly cool vegan belts, wallets, and handbags. (Apparently in my fogginess I accidentally published this instead of saving it early on in my post writing, so sorry to any of you who received an errant email on Saturday evening!  I guess I'm foggier than I even thought...)

Last week I was a little overwhelmed, overbooked, and over worked and because of that I had a serious case of the stupids.  In my fog I was driving myself a little crazy, putting things down and forgetting where I put them, not remembering whether I had written an email or returned a call on a few occasions, going out to do errands and blatantly forgetting a couple of them!  But the icing on the cake was losing my wallet!  I generally have a bad memory, but because of that I've taught myself to put all important things in their place EVERY TIME or I'll surely forget where they are.

Well, I'm pretty sure I put my wallet down when packing my groceries last Monday and didn't realize it was gone until Tuesday morning (it definitely got swiped when I wasn't looking, but who puts their wallet down in a grocery store?!?).

Canceling my credit cards and filling out paperwork for a new license was a super way to spend Tuesday afternoon;)  But on the bright side: I had full authority to order a new wallet!

I snagged myself a Matt & Nat vegan wallet that is both earth-friendly and totally rockin!

This Matt & Nat wallet is totally earth-friendly and made from recycled materials.

The inside of this vegan Matt & Nat wallet is made from apx 21 recycled plastic bottles.