Local is all the rage...

Love Life and Lollipops- Brooklyn Beach Shop

Ok, I know from the title of this post you're expecting me to talk about locavore-ism, shopping farm stands, eating seasonally, etc.  Do all those things!  This post isn't about eating though...

It's about carpe diem-ing, making the most of...everything, adventures, exploring, finding gems right under your nose.

We've been living here in Williamsburg now for about a year and a half.  For basically all of that time I was either pregnant or tending to a small baby, in short, hibernating for the entire time.  Through it all, the neighborhood was teasing me with good food, cool bars, carefully cultivated thrift shops, and the such.  But I was in no position to take advantage of all the fun to be had.

Finally though, it's feeling like Bar's big enough for me to head out and explore a bit more, indulge in a glass of wine here or there, shop for fashionable clothes (even if they will just get drooled on).  It's a funny thing to be so familiar with a place and in the same moment realize you've never gotten too close.

And beyond Williamsburg and all the coolness it has to offer, I've been exploring the greater Brooklyn more and more.  Turns out the Brooklyn of my father's upbringing (filled with poor immigrants and dangerous streets) has morphed into a fabulously cultural and engaging place.  I'm psyched to raise my kids here!

This past weekend we explored two local beaches: Rockaway (Queens, but basically Brooklyn) and Coney Island.  Both have this amazing old Brooklyn feel, with updated boardwalks and even hipster concession stands.   Avi had the best time at both and got a weekend full of sand and sun and homemade ices and kiddie rides and a trip to the aquarium.  It was pretty fantastic (that said we dealt with our fair share of overtired kiddies, but it was waaay worth it)!

So, my point on this Motivational Monday, is explore more.  Find fun.  Most likely it's right under your nose.  It certainly was under ours!

Here are some bits and pieces from our weekend adventures:

Are there any fantastic family haunts in your hood?  Any places you remember from your childhood where you love to take your kids?