Lions and Tigers and Supplements, Oh My

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Just wanted to take a second to mention supplements.  So many of you and others have been asking me about them recently, so I thought I'd post something here on them.  I believe everyone (yes EVERYONE) should at least be taking a multi-vitamin and mineral, a dha/epa supplement, a vitamin d, and a probiotic.  Daily.  Bare minimum.  And not just any, but high quality supplements make a huge difference.

If you have any healthy concerns or ailments, you may need more...  These are things I'm happy to consult on or you should talk to your physician about...

Because I feel so strongly I've opened an online shop to provide my friends, family, clients, and now all of you with the supplements I believe to be the best.  Check it out here.  And please feel free to email me or comment here with any specific (or general for that matter) questions or concerns.  I want you all to be healthy, vibrant, and totally functioning at 150% in 2012!