Knish Sandwich, Um, Yum!

Love Life and Lollipops- Veggie Knish 2

Veggie knish sandwich As I have the chance to explore and eat my way through my new neighborhood, Park Slope, Brooklyn I'm finding so so many amazing little places.

Last weekend we were on the hunt for a veggie burger and some fries (Avi's favorite snack) and stumbled upon this tiny (or what looked tiny) little restaurant a block away from our apartment: Press 195.  They had a long sandwich and salad menu and a whole section of belgian fries and dipping sauces, so we decided to duck in.  From the outside it looks like a cute little sandwich shop with a small bar in front, but not much more.

Upon asking for a table for 2 and a half, the waitress grabbed some menus and walked through the back of the restaurant.  I pulled a: should we follow her (to what looked like the bathrooms)?!?  And Richie gave me the nod, so I did, past the kitchen and out the back door to an amazing deck fully equipped with built in benches for the tables and umbrellas for each of the super sunny tables.

Long story short (or as short as I'm capable of making dad claims I've had a habit since I was a youngun of elongating my stories at the dinner table to fill the whole meal with and thens, but that's a whole nother post): the belgian fries were superyum (try their honey mustard jalapeno sauce), but there is a whole section of the menu called the knish corner!

I ordered a veggie knish (sans the mozzerella which I firmly believe doesn't need it for vegans or others).  It's a square knish cut in half and filled with roasted veggies then closed up and pressed between a panini press! Yum!

Veggie knish