Jamaica Once Again

Love Life and Lollipops- Round Hill Jamaica 2012

I apologize again for my hiatus (this mommy thing gets in the way of everything, huh;)).  We were actually traveling and getting spotty internet while we were gone.

This trip has developed into a yearly thing for us and our favorite friends and doppelgängers (Michelle, Dan, Ike, and Calvin).  Once upon a time these friends lived in Brooklyn and we saw them almost daily, but they've moved upstate and we definitely don't see them enough anymore.

This trip gives us all time to catch up, hang, decompress, make up for lost time.  We all love love Jamaica for it's amazing food, sunny beaches, calm waters, friendly people...I could go on.  Each time I come back refreshed with a new perspective on the world.  Both the Jamaican air and inspiring friends leave me seeing the world in a whole new light.

This year we stayed at the Round Hill Resort.  It was appropriately beachy and rustic, eco-conscious, and totally chic.

Chef Andre there was amazing and prepared vegan food for us every night (and even one way too large lunch).  It was delicious and amazing to be able to eat well on vacation (often a challenge).  Here are some pics of the food he special prepared for us and the micro greens tasting he prepared from their organic garden!:


We did little more than swim and sun (and nurse babies of course) and it was absolutely perfect.  I'm happy to be home, though missing my friends already and already looking forward to next year's trip!