It's July. Summer is officially here! (In my book at least)

Love Life and Lollipops- Summer Family Time

Yup, it's July.  Officially summer to me.  Full on summer.  And it's a hundred million degrees here in Brooklyn!

I have to say though, that I love summer.  No matter how hot and sticky and cranky and crazy it can be, it also brings endless days, infinite light, warm energy, motivation, relaxation, and appropriate laziness which lends itself to allowing us to appreciate all the good stuff in our lives.

Summer brings me family time, mini adventures, more outdoors, fresh fruits and veggies, so many things I love.  Summer is always a time of reflection and reevaluation for me.  It's a time when I'm happy and can really look into the future and feel hopeful, even inappropriately optimistic.  And that energy often catapults me into new projects, education, mindsets.

I wonder what this summer will bring for me?  Right now I'm feeling like Baby Bar is just at the point where she is giving me a tiny bit of free time.  I can put her down more and get more done.  It reminds me that there is a life past babies and one day soon (ish) I'll be able to have my life back (to some degree).  And that means I better do something good with it!

What does summer mean to you?  Does it make you feel giddy like a kid free from school?  Does it make you reflect on your long, cold winter?  Does it allow you to daydream?  Nap more?  Slow down?